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Art Academy

At SK, we strived to break barriers by starting the first art school for autism in this country.

We took it up as a challenge and worked intensively with many teens on the spectrum and devised a unique arts curriculum to ensure that irrespective of where they were cognitively, they could pick up the necessary skills to further their interests in the arts. We focused on building effective classroom structure and management techniques, devising a structured arts curriculum, the very first of its kind in India, defined teaching methodologies too and made way for the students to become teachers in sessions to validate the effectiveness of such a curriculum and methodology. This has led us to the design of the very first arts curriculum in India which we believe will be a game-changer in the space of disability and may open doors to teach not just autism but very many of those with disabilities who wish to pursue the arts.

The Programs

2 Year Foundation Course

The visual art program begins with a foundation course that has eighteen subjects. These subjects range from form, shapes (2D and 3D), texture, colour to Zentangle and step-by-step drawings. The program begins with basic shapes and forms and graduates to the creation of personal portraits of things or people the student likes. Here the students’ interests and obsessions are used to motivate them to learn how to work in a structured format on themes of their choice.

 5 Year

BFA Program

From basic courses involving form, shape and texture to advanced classes that take each of those concepts to a new level, our students are made to go through each and every subject with just the right amount of gradation. This course builds a strong understanding of basic concepts so that skilling can grow into advanced levels as the student progresses.


Art As Therapy Course

Our Art program at Sense Kaleidoscopes has always been not only popular, but also extremely successful.  Encompassing forms such as visual arts, pottery & sculpture and the print arts, our arts department is always busy innovating and evolving.

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