Atif Faisal (1998-2018)


"I have loved the feeling of the pencil in between my fingers from the first time I ever held it. I used to say 'pappperrr' with joy when I felt like drawing. I had imaginary friends and drew aliens, family, friends and moments I experienced. I think art was really my best friend and ofcourse my mother because they were always there when I needed them. I wish more and more art is done with kids like me because it is the only way I could express myself and also cope with my difficulties."




Atif had Autism, limited communication skills coupled with severe anxiety, sensory sensitivities and seizures. Atif found it difficult to understand the ever changing expectations of new environments and different people due to his anxieties and low cogintion as a teen. Atif was a self-taught artist and would use the arts as away of expression and making sense of the world around him.