Ayush Bhambhani 1998


"I am not one for words. I love colors and waves, shapes and corners, light and dark. I see the world differently. The world I live in is full of details. I color in between the lines that are all around me. One day I will leave the lines behind and draw only the details that no one else notices. I can smell music and hear the color red. I can taste the rain and feel the melting sweetness of chocolate. i draw my world. Step into my world for a moment and enjoy the beauty of purity."




Ayush has Autism, limited communication skills coupled with anxiety, sensory sensitivities & low academic cognition hence, he does find it difficult to understand the ever changing expectations of new environments and different people. He prefers to work in a quiet & less crowded environment and does not prefer to travel either. He does not like to meet new people and neither does he like crowds too as they represent chaos and uncertainity for him. He loves to play his x-box games, watch movies and is a foodie hence, loves exploring new restaurants.