Calling all minds who want to change the course of Autism. If you understand that teaching isn’t just talking at a child, that to see the spark of true comprehension dawn is the most special gift and that one child taught well means one life set on the right path, then come work with Sense Kaleidoscopes We are on the lookout for superstar teachers in arts as well as academics - – call us to know more!


Interns are learners. They observe, study and absorb. SK is an environment that inspires and teaches beyond the ordinary. So if you want to learn how thinkers work and what real change looks like, and more importantly, if you want to be part of a legacy-in-the-making, come intern at SK – it will change your life. Contact us and schedule a meeting – our doors are always open.

If you know that giving is the greatest joy, that sharing your time, your knowledge, your very presence makes a difference to a child, that giving is an exceptional opportunity to grow, then you are a volunteer. You just don’t know it yet! So come by and spend some time with us – you will be transformed!

Write to us on conversations@sensekaleidoscopes.org or call us on 8553033006.