Kalash Cariappa 2001


"I look around me and see fascinating patterns. They grow and change and come together to fill the world around me. My art will capture you and take you into my world – the world of silence and serenity. Fine threads of peace weave together webs. This is the world I dream of everyday. Now you can see it too."




Kalash has Autism, limited communication skills coupled with sensory sensitivities & low academic cognition. Though he is not expressive verbally and takes a wee while before reacting or responding to his environment, he does have a way around new environments and different people. He is a foodie, loves art and has a keen eye for details. He is most definitely the calmest mind at SK and hence, is lovingly called the Buddha at SK.


Artist: Kalash Cariappa
Artist: Kalash Cariappa

Zen Art