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OUTSIDER ART | The Kochi Biennale

31/1/19, 10:00 pm

Outsider Art refers to the art practice of persons with autism who are not specifically trained in conventional art schools, have neurodevelopmental disabilities and deal with social exclusion. The art they produce may be outcomes of their interests, obsessions, non-linear thinking, oversensitivity to stimuli and other characteristics associated with autism.

We were part of the first ever Outsider Art show supported by the Kochi Biennale. The works of 9 of our students were showcased. Each artist has his/her own unique style and is well set on their way to becoming professional artists in the next few years. We were grateful for the opportunity to be part of a show that was curated by the legendary Bose Krishnamachari himself. The added benefit of our students gaining exposure to a world audience as well as the chance to view artworks and installations by other outstanding artists truly transformed the way our young artists related to art. 

A host of online and traditional media covered Sense Kaleidoscopes’ artists and our student Rohit Anand gave many interviews explaining the thought and effort behind his personal artworks. It was perhaps the first time in the country that a neurodivergent individual took centre stage to explain in his own words what he felt and thought about visual art.

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