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VOICES IN THE SHADOWS | Taj West End Bangalore

31/3/19, 9:00 pm

World Autism Day marked the opening of “Voices in the Shadows”, an exhibition that showcased the work of autistic artists from Sense Kaleidoscopes.

This event was hosted during Autism awareness week in the month of April 2019 at the Taj West End, Bangalore.  The exhibition was inaugurated by the Disability Welfare Director, Mr. Jayavibhava Swamy. The displayed works crafted a new aesthetic experience that was truly unconventional.  The works showcased were unique and to many, almost unbelievably intricate. The famed Art corridor of the iconic hotel saw many interested art buyers pop in to encourage our young artists. Quite a few visitors came out of curiosity to see how autism art was different and yet spoke to hearts and minds so strongly. Events such as these helped us raise awareness of the abilities underlying perceived disabilities.

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