J.M.Barrie: "Young boys should never be sent to bed… they always wake up a day older."

Finding Neverland – Image taken from the poster of the TV Series Neverland 2011.

Dear Pan,

I am dedicating this write-up to ‘THE LOST BOYS’ hence, inviting Pan was elementary.

Pan’s lost boys are those who fell out of their prams when the nurses were not looking and were lost by their nannies in Kensington Gardens. Having gone unclaimed they were swept off to Neverland by Peter Pan.

The theory of lost boys is not just exciting for the young or the adolescent but also entices the imaginations of many irrespective of age, creed or culture. I have heard varied strange theories of this fantasy idea by many of those amongst my creative circles. Each person has a unique perception of the age-old idea and their individualistic, idiosyncratic renderings allows for many bizarre journeys. The idea of being in Never-land never seems to faze anyone off their realistic, logical goals in fact now is a mode of essential therapy to not steer but instead successfully tread the chosen path too. It is this path we shall tread on today but this time with the stories of who I sometimes affectionately crown with the title of “Peter’s lost boys”.

This adventure shall begin with a the story of a boy who would go yakkety-yak away probably understanding close to maybe only twenty percent of what came out of his or others mouths.

This is the world of many bubbles, each bubble has a sound and sometimes an expression attached to it, other bubbles filled only with sounds, some with smells and some with colors and others with forms. These bubbles are all up and moving while the child himself is sitting within another bubble trying to catch the other bubbles to collect them but there are many problems with the process of meaningful collecting to occur. Firstly, the child may collect a bubble and that may be mixed with the wrong impressions, thus associating with misplaced meanings. Other times the child may end up collecting bubbles in isolation so they are actually irrelevant and meaningless. Then he may collect the word bubbles but connect them to colors, forms, and emotions hence again he ends up creating more vagueness in his bubble. Lastly, the inevitability of the bubbles bursting is so high that before the learning takes place the bursting happens hence leaving fractured or fragmented impressions.

Then there is a high functioning boy who still has no emotional sensibilities and was refused the help he deserved only because no teachers were sensitive or intuitive or even compatibly trained to understand where his difficulties sprung from and how one could provide for solutions for the behaviors whilst working away to shape his intellectual abilities.

This is the world of darkness and one of confinement wherein the child is locked in layers and can’t understand why he is unable to break through those shackles or even navigate through them to be able to express, feel and understand what is needed, expected and cherished by one and all. He is locked inside by his own self and is unable to articulate himself thus placing himself in positions of sheer frustration and vulnerability beyond hope. While from his locked position he is able to clearly view all the many expectations from him, but he is not able to express his difficulties, joys, anger or even sorrow to anyone. All there is is a blank slate on the front which actually most times does come across as him being defiant whilst he also demonstrates behaviors that are definitely not for the faint hearted. But, if one peers through the defiant grey slate expression, I am certain that all we will find is a very young boy reaching out desperately with an expression of pure gloom and melancholy.

Yet another is a 19 year old who has not been able to develop any communication skills even though he could naturally picked up many languages. He is able to read Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, bits of Malayalam and Marathi – all self-taught but the tragedy is that he does not know the meaning of any of the words that his brain is so naturally imprinting and processing.

This is a world filled with very many forms, which are all visible, but whilst the child is processing the forms he is not able to comprehend their need or existence or even the application of these forms in different contexts and combinations. A world of many, many words but no meanings.

Whilst most these stories also maybe associated with ideas of neglect, rejection and isolation which of course may then again bring us back to the connection with the idea of being the lost boys, essentially for me these of stories of untapped potential, very small but precious collections of joyous moments and the might of human existence. The focus for all these boys is to work with the magic of that might that exists in each one of these because with the unraveling of such magic one derives hope, faith, pure convictions of vigor and a clear vision of the true path.

Signing of with just this hope – ‘Fulfill with Might…’

Miss Nobody.

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