Pranav Nair Susanth


"Order. Structure. Pattern. Observe. Draw. Perfect. Repeat. This is how I like my world and this is how I like my art. Shapes fill my being and everything I feel I draw in shapes. Do you know the shape of excitement? Do you know the shape of wonder? Do you know the shape of love? I see it all around me. And I draw it and paint it in the brightest, most beautiful colours I can find. You must see it. You will, won’t you?"




Pranav has Autism, coupled with high anxiety, communication and cognitive challenges along with seizures. Pranav, being a PDD-NOS did not get the support when he was younger to build his comprehension and so he functions with a huge lag in cognition which he struggles with now too. Pranav has an unusally strong sense of empathy and is very sensitive to other's feelings which is a rare trait. He loves to travel, watch movies & cook too.


Artist: Pranav Nair Susanth
Artist: Pranav Nair Susanth

Abstract Art