Rohit Anand 2000


"I draw and paint because it is the happiest part of me. I draw when I am sad, angry, lonely, happy or even confused. You can see all of me in my art. I want to fly planes. I want to have a girlfriend. I want to travel with my friends. One day I will. Because I am a superhero. And creating great art is my superpower."




Rohit has PDD-NOS, coupled with high anxiety, sensory challenges, cognitive gaps and communication challenges. Rohit has challenges understanding why and how to bring a balance between his quirkiness and the odd-ball environment that he exists in. He has simple needs and wants just like any other teen but access is very poor. He is unable to express his deepest thoughts and is very often misunderstood by many. Art is an effective tool of expression and he has been drawing since he was a child. He also uses art as a coping mechanism to calm down when he is very agitated or feeling aggressive.


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