Shreyas Pandey 1998


"The world is odd. It doesn’t fit. Like me. I see it everywhere. And I draw it. Quickly, so it doesn’t vanish. Drawing is easy. Sounds and touch are tough for me to handle. I love eating all kinds of food. I love drawing it too. Funny burgers. Crazy dosas. Weird pasta. Animals, flowers, houses and people. Lines and dots and squiggles and curves. I draw it all. My odd world. "




Shreyas has Autism, very limited communication skills coupled with high anxiety, sensory challenges and low academic cognition. Shreyas really struggles to understand the ever changing expectations of new environments and different people. He is a teen who exhibits melancholy yet has a very unique perception of the world. Shreyas can convert anything he sees into a caricature and that too in a matter of minutes. Shreyas is on medication and due to that he experiences mood changes and also his drawings exhibit a shifting nature.