Co-Founder/Director/President Trustee

A Tedx speaker, passionate autism expert and a perfectionist at that, Akshayee is uniquely qualified from the Glasgow School of Art & the University of Glasgow with a Masters in Art, Design and Architecture in Education to train youth on the Autism spectrum. She works in a structured and innovative manner to ensure that viable vocational skills are developed which help them get on the road to independence in whichever way that individual can manage it. She is currently developing an effective and scalable methodology to deliver the first of it's kind academic and arts curriculum which will be suited to meet the needs of the Autistic mind. Akshayee has achieved phenomenal results even in children who were written off by professionals and in some cases, parents as well. Using the world of arts to connect with and train youth with Autism has opened up avenues of sustained livelihood for these children who had been denied the possibility of being even partially independent. She is probably the only vocational trainer who is equipped and educated to function as a professional with autism in India to create professional artists.




An engineering graduate, a travel enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie with an ironical hold on self-control, an animal lover and  a mind that loves numbers with a penchant to bring a balance in the organization's operational and administrative end, Anand takes on  critical roles  within Sense Kaleidoscopes by managing the  audits, book-keeping, ensuring that money is spent wisely and  primarily for the benefactors along with maintaining a much-needed communication channel with the staff and the community. A man of few words who brings on board integrity, guidance and unquestionable loyalty for the cause that has been spearheaded by the founder.  In fact, the very first supporter of the vision who did not flinch to make personal sacrifices to make this dream come true and is still doing all that can be done to help this vision reach it's ultimate purpose.




A wearer of many hats, she is a post-graduate from NIT Calicut who worked for 8 years in the software field before deciding to co-found Sense Kaleidoscopes with Akshayee Shetty. Being a parent to a child with autism meant that she could provide a unique view into the problems that were plaguing children like her son so that a child-centric approach was followed. With a passion for writing and being a former columnist with the DNA, she writes and talks actively about autism and related issues. She teaches Math and is on the in-house team that designs academic curriculum in an autism-specific manner. She is also the networker and fundraiser for Sense Kaleidoscopes and makes it her mission to find ways to support the organisation on all fronts.




Mala is the wise old assuring energy we all go to when we feel down and out. Mala is actually a trailblazer herself as she was one of the first women in Karnataka to start the first wildly successful franchise of beauty saloons called Beau-Belle. She worked with the government and trained many under-privileged and a few disabled girls to learn saloon skills and become financially independent. Many students of hers are still very grateful and lovingly look up to her for advice and counsel even today.  She is a very generous heart and has always supported Sense Kaleidoscopes through her personal connections, finances and time. We are all indeed grateful for her presence, her consistent encouragement fir the work we do and the relentless efforts to make our work visible.