Visual Artist Facilitator

Santosh is a fun-loving, light-hearted gleeful chap who works in the Visual & Experimental Arts department. He is a qualified artist who has successfully completed his Masters in Fine Arts, Painting from Cava College, Mysore University. He has trained with Akshayee to work with  teens and adults with Autism.  He does not only manage the  artistic practices of the artists but also works very closely to execute behavioral solutions as planned by Akshayee, for those on the spectrum.  He is a fantastic team player with a passion for the fine arts. He is also one of the most accepting people we have come across, his concern and compassion for those on the spectrum is quiet obvious and a welcome change from the regular teaching folk we have met in India. He is fiercely loyal and also maintains a keen observation to ensure that he does his best to provide for the community.



Visual Artist Facilitator

Munikrishna is a dedicated and extremely observant individual who works in the Visual & Experimental Arts department. He is a qualified artist who has successfully completed his Masters in Fine Arts, Painting from Cava College, Mysore University. Munikrishna has a keen eye for the arts and an excellent sense of aesthetics. He is very refined with his skills , is experimental at heart and brings on board a unique visual sensitivity and intelligence that works in sync with children on the spectrum to help them negotiate this world. He works intensively to understand how a person on the spectrum can understand the arts, relate and express through the visual matter that they have associated with. He is a person with a high level of integrity and passion where the arts are concerned and has never limited himself as an arts practitioner. He is a professional who focuses on the interests of students who are keen to pursue arts from the expressive aspects.



Print Artist Facilitator

Vivek is an exceptionally passionate Print artist.  He is a qualified artist who has successfully completed his Masters in Fine Arts, Painting from Bangalore University. He is adept with his hands like an engineer and exceptional at extracting the maximum of the resources given to him, maintaining and managing the equipment and machinery with great care and consideration too. As an artist, he never shies away from experimenting with print mediums to create fascinating art which are designed bearing in mind the specific strengths of the children. It is a tough task to make the materials work in a manner such that the artist's intrinsic strengths and styles are brought to the forefront and that is a quality we cherish the most. He is a professional who cares deeply about the print arts and has a keen sense of what his students want to express.



Sculptor & Pottery Artist Facilitator

Puneeth is our very own humble magical long fingers in-house who works with such ease and joy with the teens and adults. The sensory ones, simply love him and use that space not just as a skilling center but also as a sensory play time which is very beneficial for those on the spectrum.  He is a qualified artist who has successfully completed his Masters in Fine Arts, Sculpture from Cava College, Mysore University. He is well exposed to multiple media and has created some real wonder with his hands. He works with clay, terracotta, fiber glass, stone and any other material that you can name. He is super experimental and has been part of many prestigious Karnataka state projects wherein he has worked to create some very distinctive public space sculptures.



Special Educator (Autism)

Sushmitha is a diligent and emphathetic teacher who has the potential to become a unique facilitator in the area of Autism. She is a qualified professional who has successfully completed her M.Sc in Pscychology from Surana PG Centre, Bangalore University. Sushmitha is working in the academic department of Sense Kaleidoscopes and trains children to develop cognitively, manage emotional responses, improve communication, social and life skills. Sushmitha is adept at understanding the needs of an individual on the spectrum whether he is verbal or non-verbal. She works with development of social, life and emotional skilling too.



Life/Social Skills & Behavior Therapist (Autism)

Chanbasha is an immensely patient, hard-working and dedicated person. He is a qualified professional and has completed his MA in MCJ from the Karnataka State Open University. Chanbasha is one of the most receptive teachers we have and he is exceptionally good with those who have severe difficulties. He is an intuitive person who works quiet instinctively and is able to make even very anxious kids calm down and settle in routines. Chanbasha is a holistic learner and has dedicated his life in doing many programs to equip himself and build varied strategies to help these children thrive. His expertise lies in a mix of techniques and he works using yoga, sound and movement based therapies to help the children release their anxieties. As a keen observer and constant learner, he has always impressed us with his wisdom and primarily the element of patience with which he works with some challenging adults in the space.




Babu is our in-house accounts assistant, government liaison, and admin manager. He has successfully finished his   Commerce from  Agrarami Academic Composite College. If not for him, we may never get anything done in time. He manages all of the administrative duties, along with liaising with the community, the vendors and the management to get the most critical tasks done. He is also the one who works closely with Akshayee to ensure the safety of all the teens and adults in our space. He ensures that the team at SK is comfortable and all their needs are met effectively. He is the man to go to if you need anything done in and around the school. His ability to maintain a good balance with all sorts of people and also humility that enables him to be an easy person to access along with a strong mind to organize, take independent decisions and think critically are unique components that make a mountain of tasks look like a  nothing at all. And this is why we call him the  mover and shaker of SK.